Imagine a city that transforms some of its most troubled spaces - boarded up buildings, vacant storefronts, abandoned alleyways - into vibrant opportunities for its citizens to engage. A city that maximizes every space, and sees promise and opportunity, even in the areas of greatest blight.                

Through our Artscape program, Window Dressing works with property owners and artists to create temporary 2D, 3D and digital art installations in vacant and disused spaces, converting some of the most plagued locations into places of inspiration, captivation and community pride.

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Current Artscapes Artists & Locations

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Ginelle Hustrulid

A massive sound wave made out of more than 1200 paint chips, this piece can be found on 1st street in downtown Spokane.

Chris Buldoc

Impermanence; an idea that expresses the Buddhist notion that all of conditioned existence, without exception, is transient, or in a constant state of flux. The subject matter of the work illustrates ways of coping with the ups and downs of life, expressing the potential of human consciousness and remembering our past; rooted in the connections made with the natural world.

Chris Tyllia

Chris built "Grayscape" with 3D software using stimulated weathering to shape the hills/dunes. The process is somewhat random and different every time he runs the simulation. He froze this terrain and rendered out an image that creates a point of view as if you were on one of the hills.The landscape is void of anything but the lines of underlying geometry.. It's a very technical, almost cynical view of landscape. It is a blending of a map with a landscape. Maps are technical and data driven, offering information and often and overhead view, but little sense of the feeling of a place. Traditional landscapes change the point of view, giving the viewer a glimpse of what it's like being in a place. This landscape is simulated. It's not real. It exists in an ever-expanding gray area between the real and simulated: thus, part map, part landscape - a grayscape.


Helen Parsons

Helen is a fiber artist who obscures the traditional boundaries of fiber. Her pieces embody and symbolize unity, both through methods of construction and the long established place fabric has in our daily lives.

Mallory Ware

Mallory was chosen for our 1011 West 1st location partnership with the Parklet team Yes - you express studio. Mallory submitted "Park Swing", which is inspired by a page of music and a Summer's day at the park. Among many exciting and well-thought out aspects to this installation, the over-sized dandelion puffs will be made in the musical pattern of Duke Ellington's "It Don't Mean A Thing". Doo wah, doo wah, doo wah, doo wah, doo wah indeed!! CONGRATS Mallory!!!!!

Past Artscape Installments

Find out about our previously featured artists and their installments.

Neicy Frey

Neicy is a professional artist who specializes in acrylic and oil paintings that feature subjects from the natural world...botanicals, sea-creatures, fungi and the occasional human. She is a Nature-lover and finds her inspiration outside. "Living in Spokane we have amazing accessibility to Nature. With four solid seasons, the view and experience is always changing and presenting fresh ideas for paintings!"


Get Lit! | Chelsea Hendrickson, Kate Vita & Richard Vander Wende

Vander Wende and his creative partner Kate Vita designed this installation as part of the 2015 Get Lit! Festival at 702 W. Main. Ginger Ewing, who heads Window Dressing, asked Vander Wende and Vita to find a visual vignette that captured some aspect of Shields' new book, The Sasquatch Hunter's Almanac. Ginger also asked Chelsea Hendrickson to do the same for The Dead Lands by Benjamin Percy; a post-apocalyptic literary imagining of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Anna Sorenson | Kurt Madison | Daniel Rydh

Float, Part III was a collaboration between Laboratory residents Daniel and Anna with Saranac artist, Kurt. They created a multi-video and sound installation depicting the Spokane river, projected on 50 yards of fabric.


Our First Window Dressing | Tiffany Patterson, Jesse Pierpoint, Toby Keough, Eric Smith, and Chase Halland

We should start with: Eric Smith created our WONDERFUL and very loved logo at Window Dressing. A a big THANK YOU should be thrown his way for making us look good!!
Our first Artscape included colorful illustrations by Tiffany Patterson, minimal modern designs by Eric Smith, expressive urban paintings by Jesse Pierpoint and hand crafted home decor by Chase Halland and Toby Keough. A unique array of artists with different techniques and mediums gathered to show off the first Window Dressing in Spokane.

Melanie Lieb

"Young At Heart"
From the artist, "I just turned 40 and I often find myself saying: 'when I was your age.' As our bodies age, our memories and experiences keep us young. That's what I've attempted to portray in these paintings."


Atif Akin

In the memory of James Leroy Acord (1944-2011) An artist who worked directly with radioactive materials dedicated to the idea of transmutation and demystifying technology.

Project consisted of a real time generative 4-channel digital projection and video installation and visual surveys around the landscape, architecture and machinery around in the site.

The form of the installation is driven by its core content which is a radioactive piece of forensic material collected from the site. Mutant Space, Hanford Site with its recursive, self enclosed mechanism articulates the waste in its core by creating a dynamic space. The sculptural form in the core which contains trace amounts of nuclear ore and waste is reflected back with a closed circuit connected camera to one of the channels of the installation to demystify the mechanism of the installation. The restless nature of this material and its real-time oscillations are sensed by the counter probes and fed to the computer over an I/O prototyping board as raw data in which it is processed to create videographic deformations and glitches. These video projections on semi transparent surfaces create a closed space which is visually mutated by the radioactive material.

Austin Stiegmeier

Austin grew up in Northern Idaho and went to school in the Northwest. In 2010 he received his BFA from Western Washington University and received his MFA from WSU in 2013. Austin has been widely exhibited in the Northwest, and has participated in group exhibitions in Chicago and Seattle, as well as Spokane's Museum of Art and Culture.


Viza Arlington White

Viza enjoys wilderness and much of her work focuses on the natural world: animals, plants, trees and landscapes. However, the images she creates often reference archetypes and symbols found in mythology and literature; they relate a personal interpretation of the intersection of both the fantastical and absolute physical realms: dream-like figures that often evoke primitive culture. Solitude resonates throughout much of her work - she tends to focus on singular figures that encourage personal introspection, a turning inward, a visual recognition of the vastness of the inner human landscape, the original wildness of the body and mind.


Garric Simonsen

Garric is a 4th generation Washington artist and musician. The basis of his artistic research explores physical surface and materiality. Paintings often incorporate words that reflect social tropes, recurring motif, change operations and the idea of pentimento. Viewers experience textured surfaces that suggest chaotic order, revealing visual traces of earlier stages of the painting.

John deRoulet

For John, painting must be a spiritual experience. the things he paints are somewhat mundane, fruits, flowers, people in their homes and going about their days. These are all just regular things, yet, underneath there is always an edge. There is an implied emotion, a visceral reality which is a fragment of all the tragedy in and triumph we call the human condition. He works to show how every ordinary object and situation can be a vessel and expression of that which is uniquely human. John struggles to undermine the superficiality of the commonplace with intensity of emotional expression; revealing how any object can become the symbol and source manifesting the collective experiences of our species.


Carl Richardson + Garric Simonsen = THOS GUYS

SET 1 - Music Building.

SET 2 - The duo explored the word "common". Those things that connect us. So often we're too busy until something happens that makes us pause. In that moment, we see the collective space and energy we share.

Erin Mielcarek

Originally from Michigan, Erin has been residing in Spokane for the last 15 years. She received studio art degrees from Spokane Falls Community College and Eastern Washington University and is planning on pursuing a Masters of Fine Art next year. Erins work has been shown in Spokane at the Chase Gallery, Saranac Art Projects and Terrain.


Unifest Co. | Collective Campout

Stephanie and Matt Bogue are the proud owners of Unifest Co. They took the time to build this visual representation of Collective Campout, an AAF Spokane event that encourages adult creatives to attend an outdoor Summer camp to learn, relax, and meet other creatives. 

Karen Mobley

Karen created a really big charcoal drawing that represents the movement of water - highwater. The drawing utilizes an entire roll of Rives BFK Heavyweight, a tpe of drawing paper, and is made with charcoal, charcoal pencil, and 8 cans of spray fixative. The drawing was installed as a hanging installation with the curves of a "moving" body of water. The drawing is 48" hich and 10 yards long, creating a long ribbon like shape.


Kait Copenspire & Alan Chatham

Springtime delights were in full force! Happy grass that mimics your movements as you walk by. A giant, colorful mural. Stormy lightning clouds.


Mallory Ware

Mallory's large whale piece was constructed onsite. The massive whale gained attention of those passing by, drawing them in to the multitude of illustrations, textures, and layers of light. Imagine the pool at the Motor Inn cracks and floods the first floor. Women who lunch are turned over in their tweed and pearls, umbrellas spin, float like jelly fish, as they sink to the main floor revealing a giant sperm whale. Up top, is the vision of the Motor Inn’s past, and below the present. In the middle sits a kraft paper whale. A large beast, both intimidating and fantastical. but mostly the space


WINTER WEDDING WINDOW | Featuring combine work of several local artists and vendors.

Mika Maloney - BATCH Bakeshop: cakes, desserts, styling

Stephanie Arieno - Shmily Face Photography: photography

Erica Schmautz - Erica’s Expression: florals

Desiree McGinn - visual artist: painted backdrop

Shasta Hankins - Shasta Hankins Airbrush Makeup: makeup

Emily Russell - Em Knits: knit wrap

Anne-Claire Mitchell - model

Cory Scanlan - model

EWU BFA GRADS | Jessica Earle, Krystn Parmley & Ashley Vaughn

Jessica obtained an EWU BFA focusing on digital and electronic media. She begins grad school at Alfred University in Alfred, NY where she will be pursuing an MFA in the same area. While her main focus is performs give video work, Jessica also enjoys public installations. When not creating she is writing and researching about art, and filling for Wonder Woman on her days off.

Krystn is 23 years old, grew up and currently resides in the Spokane area. She received her Associate of Fine Arts degree from Spokane Falls Community College in 2013 and will be receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Eastern Washington University in December of 2015.

She considers herself a mixed media artist with an emphasis in ceramics and printmaking, but she also draws and loves photography.

Born and raised in the Spokane area, Ashley is currently a student at Eastern Washington University and is in the process of obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Her primary focus is in painting with a strong preference for Acrylic paints, however, she is beginning to embrace oils as well.

In addition to her love of painting, Ashley also enjoys photography and looks forward to a future of exploration within the digital arts.


Roger Ralston

Light-reflecting three-dimensional mobiles were displayed by Roger on 1st Avenue downtown.

Jenny Hyde

Passageways is a three part video piece. It lived at The Motor Inn off of First Avenue, a once lively and active space that had sat empty for over ten years. This piece references cycles of time, as told through phases of life. Part I, Water Routes, weightlessness of childhood, dreamy and nostalgic. Part II, Overland Routes, age of independence and discovery, the magic and the reality of seeing things and experiencing things as they actually are.  Part III, Undergrowth, age of dept, responsibility and just trying to get through.

Lisa Nappa

Lisa's oversized digital prints were featured on 1st Avenue.


Augustina Mihura

Augustina was flown in from her hometown of Buenos Aires to participate in Window Dressing. She enjoys playing with gradients and light. Her Artscape was created within a skywalk by spraying paint along the windows. As the sun rises and falls, light illuminates the paint and gives a different sense of color and feeling.

Hiromi Okumura

Hiromi, a visiting artist, created a piece that could be seen overnight, shining bright on Riverside.