The 2016 Creative Enterprise Group

The 2016 Creative Enterprise Group

Creative Enterprise

We believe our local makers, creators, artists, designers, crafters and creative entrepreneurs have the potential to transform Spokane into a more economically diverse, stronger and more vibrant city.  

Through our Creative Enterprise program, we allow creative businesses to test their ideas with little risk by matching them with low cost space for up to six months in targeted areas. Creative enterprise participants also receive in-depth professional development, one-on-one coaching, business resources and camaraderie amongst peers as part of this community-oriented program.

Interested in Applying?

2019 applications opening this spring!

KJ Pottery

Kelsey Johnson makes handcrafted ceramic wares. KJ Pottery offers customers beautifully handcrafted pieces which are both functional and also easily integrate into the aesthetic lives of her customers businesses and homes.


Old Hat Workshop

Old Hat Workshop is a custom woodworking business serving both commercial and residential clients. Jon’s work encompasses furniture, custom cabinetry and built spaces. Old Hat Workshop designs mix industrial/salvaged with a an emphasis on modern simplicity and function.


Koko + Lou

Koko + Lou is a handcrafted jewelry business that makes hand-stamped pieces from metal and leather in the retail and wholesale markets. Many of Koko + Lou’s pieces can be customized with your own name, initials or other text. Lindsey’s passion is to create beautiful, heartfelt pieces for every customer, and for every occasion, big and small. 

Koko + Lou is on Facebook



Spokanerrific is a currently a blog and Facebook page about finding and sharing the most Terrific, interesting, artful, unique, beautiful, and historical things that Spokane has to offer. Spokanerrific is poised to transition from the online world to a brick and mortar storefront which will expand its promotion of Spokane’s “terrificness” by featuring and selling work of all kinds handmade by area artists and craftspeople. Lulu plans to promote and sell work by local Spokane artists as well as the greater Pacific Northwest region. The store would be a destination for locals and tourists looking to take home a piece of the region’s creative offerings.

Searchlight Hard Cider

Matt and his wife, Brooklyn, are currently home craft cider makers with a happy and loyal following. They plan to offer their artisan cider to a wider audience in Spokane, basing Searchlight Hard Cider production right here in Spokane with locally sourced ingredients of the highest quality. They plan to open a retail taproom where high quality craft cider can be enjoyed by all and mesh with the growing “foodie scene”, tourism and positive growth of the downtown Spokane core and surrounding areas. Searchlight will be at home in pubs, coolers, stadium tailgate parties, campers and backyard barbecues.


Burgleteens Art Lab

You could say Burgleteens are stuffed animals, but that might mean you hadn’t seen Burgleteens yet! Zach Grassi has been making and selling “cool stuffed awesome-ness” for a decade now. His creations have found happy homes all over the world, via online sales. Soon, with a retail space and his never ending imagination, you will be able to browse and buy Burgleteens right here in Spokane.


Mimosa Floral Design

Mimosa Floral Design is a curator of flowers. Our designs are unique, lively, and seasonally minded. We focus on weddings, subscriptions, and the art of flower arranging. Currently operating as a studio florist, Mimosa’s storefront space would feature floral designs, air plant displays, houseplants, and simple home accessories. They would also host workshops and hope to open up the space for creative uses.

F-Stop: Photographic Gallery and Gathering Place

Description: Kostelec’s F-Stop will be an inspiring gallery of excellent photographic work by rotating visiting artists as well as a permanent collection of prints by Bill & Kathy Kostelec. Encompassing both a gallery and coffee shop, the space will celebrate all things photographic, from a unique vintage camera collection and literature, a space to experience old 8mm movies and traditional photographic processes, live music, and much more!

Art Salvage

Art Salvage is already Spokane’s first arts related creative reuse center. The vision is to establish a permanent creative reuse center in the heart of Spokane. This location will offer a retail shop where the community can buy unique and affordable materials for creative projects, accept donations of materials keeping them out of the waste stream, and offer opportunities for creativity through classes, youth educational programing (ie camps and school field trips) and private parties for kids and adults. Art Salvage will also offer volunteer opportunities for teens and adults.

12 Acre Video Productions

12 Acre VP is a story oriented video production house for businesses of all sizes run by Matt Slote. With a degree in Advertising and experience in documentary film, Matt has already worked with local Spokane clients to tell their stories on video and help promote their business dreams. His goal is to expand his clientele in Spokane and beyond and also to step more into the world of documentary film production.

Unifest Co.

Unifest Co. is a collective of organizers and artists within the art and music scene in Spokane. Unifest Co. collaborates with many talented musicians, entrepreneurs, vendors, artists, and performers to create unique events as well as handmade goods. Unifest Co. intends to create a Retail / Studio / Workshop / Event Space shared by a collective of creative entrepreneurs which will sell handmade goods, hold small community art events, and offer workshops within the creative trades.


Moon Rabbit, LLC - dba Coffee + Culture

Description: Moon Rabbit aims to begin brewing, bottling and distributing kombucha to local food and beverage destinations plus health food markets. In addition, they would like to open a taproom, featuring their classic signature recipes and sample batches. Customers could enjoy kombucha and espresso drinks, plus eventually baked goods, in a cafe setting - plus kombucha growlers to go!


Anemone Paper Flowers

Anemone has operated as a full scale florist since 2003, selling paper flowers as a florist instead of fresh flowers. However, through Creative Enterprise, Mary’s goal is to change her business model and shift her focus to teaching classes and empowering people to create their own livelihoods through a paper florist franchise. She also envisions other crafts being sold, such as  jewelry, greeting cards, soaps, teas, as well as teaching business classes, coaching, and mentoring.

Hustle & Hide

Hustle & Hide is an e-commerce women's leather goods company. From selectively hand-picking each of the leather hides and mixed materials we work with, to handcrafting each of the pieces from start to finish, Hustle & Hide strives to produce goods that only get better over time.